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Core™ Coronary Stent System


Elixir's first coronary stent is manufactured from a cobalt chromium alloy, a material that has an extensive history of use in vascular implants. Cobalt chromium offers greater strength and improved visualization under fluoroscopy than stents made from stainless steel. This allows Elixir's coronary stent to have 33 percent lower strut thickness than a stainless steel stent (81 microns), without compromising radial strength and radiopacity.



The Elixir stent was designed, using the latest engineering technology, to optimize performance in the following areas:

  • Deliverability
  • Radial strength
  • Vessel coverage
  • Side branch access
  • Crimped stent profile

Delivery System

The Elixir balloon-expandable stent is mounted on a low-profile rapid-exchange delivery system that was designed for optimal trackability and deliverability.