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NOVOLIMUS™ is a novel mTOR inhibitor macrocyclic lactone with anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory properties developed by Elixir for site specific therapies. The macrocyclic lactone drugs represent the most widely utilized drug family for drug eluting stent applications and have an established safety and efficacy profile.

Novolimus is an active metabolite of Sirolimus. Sirolimus is the most widely known mTOR inhibitor with a well-established safety and effectiveness profile in various treatment applications such as drug eluting stents, transplant, and oncology. Patients treated with Sirolimus orally or via DES implantation are exposed to significant amounts of Novolimus.

Elixir conducted six separate trials which included over 450 patients for the prevention of restenosis using DESyne, DESyne BD and the fully resorbable DESolve and DESolve Cx scaffolds resulting in excellent and sustained safety and effectiveness clinical outcomes.