Learn about DynamX: Innovative Treatment for Coronary Artery Disease

If you have angina, had a heart attack or are at risk for one, your doctor may be looking at treatment options, such as bypass surgery or a percutaneous coronary intervention, or PCI. These procedures, like an angioplasty or implanting a stent, are helpful in treating coronary artery disease.

When discussing your treatment options with your doctor, it’s important to know about the latest advances in treatment.

The DynamX Drug Eluting Coronary Bioadaptor System is a significant innovation in the treatment of coronary artery disease. Going beyond stent technology, DynamX represents one of the most significant breakthroughs in implant design in the past 30 years.

DynamX is the first coronary artery implant designed to move more naturally with the artery wall in response to the needs for more oxygen demanded by your heart — such as during exercise. It also gradually expands with the artery to accommodate any new plaque buildup, maintaining the diameter of the treated area for good blood flow over time.

The loss of vessel movement, which occurs with coronary stents, can result in major adverse cardiac events (MACE).13 By adapting to the vessel, DynamX offers the potential to reduce the incidence of MACE after the procedure.

Ask your doctor if DynamX is a better option than heart stents for you.

How DynamX Works for You

DynamX is a cobalt chromium implant coated with a proven bioresorbable polymer and a low-dose drug. Deployed similar to a stent, the DynamX Bioadaptor initially supports the coronary artery while the vessel heals, demonstrating excellent strength.


Over six months, the polymer resorbs, freeing unique “uncaging elements” which allow DynamX to move along with the natural expansion and contraction of the vessel.


DynamX Expanded in Vessel with Elixir Medical Goes Beyond DES

Step 1:

Implanted similar to drug-eluting stent

DynamX with Novolimus Goes Beyond DES

Step 2:

Drug elutes over 3 months

Uncaged DynamX Bioadaptor Goes Beyond DES

Step 3:

Polymer coating resorbs over 6 months


Step 4:

Uncaging elements release once coating is resorbed

View DynamX in Action Treating Coronary Heart Disease

Unique Design Beyond Stents 

A New Way to Treat Heart Disease

Blood vessels change in size and structure over time. For example, when blood flows through narrowed coronary arteries (due to build-up of fats, cholesterol and other substances from atherosclerosis), the arteries expand in diameter. This expansion is how the body responds to maintain the blood flow lumen area.

Traditional stents are designed to safely and effectively open narrowed vessels, but they are rigid and “cage” the artery. This prevents arteries from exhibiting their natural response to expand and compensate for disease progression. 

Unlike traditional stents, the unique uncaging elements of the DynamX Bioadaptor allow it to expand along with the vessel.

2nd Generation Drug-Eluting Stents

DynamX Second Generation DES

Traditional drug-eluting stents open the narrowed vessel but cage the lesion area. This maintains the vessel and device area but the lumen area decreases as the disease continues to progress.

DynamX Bioadaptor

DynamX Bioadaptor Design

DynamX Bioadaptor opens narrowed vessels and then uncages, allowing the coronary artery to compensate for continued disease progression. The device expands with the artery at the lesion site, maintaining good blood flow.

DynamX IVUS Analysis Data Table

Learn More About DynamX and Ask Your Doctor About Its Innovative Coronary Artery Disease Technology


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